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  • Pay nothing out of pocket

  • No payments for twelve months

  • Average savings of $30k over 25 years

  • New systems installed in 30 days

How much can I save?

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25 Year Savings

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25 Year Savings

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25 Year Savings

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25 Year Savings

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25 Year Savings

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25 Year Savings

Here to help you every step of the way

Mpower’s full-service approach has helped thousands of eco-conscious households reduce their carbon footprint. Our trusted technicians set up your system right the first time, and a 25-year warranty gives you added peace of mind.

Personalized Service

Receive a personalized proposal detailing product offerings, layout, financing options and savings.

Custom Solar

A highly skilled Mpower site technician will visit your home and confirm the layout for your solar system.

25 Year
Product Warranty

Your solar system will be installed in less than a day and Mpower will attend your local building department inspection.

Your partner in
green energy since 2009

We’ve dedicated more than 10 years to helping homeowners realize their green power and energy independence goals. Today, our ten offices across eight states, experienced customer service team, and trusted installation partners are standing by, ready to offer you a personalized and comprehensive solar setup.

How much can I save?

Good for the planet and your wallet

You know that installing solar at home is good for the planet, but did you also know it makes financial sense? From short-term incentives to long-term valuation, when you go green you save green. Mpower can show you how.

How much can I save?

High Savings Potential

Pay nothing up front to install your solar system; immediately start saving on utility bills.

Increased Property Value

Adding a solar energy system to your home increases its resale value by 4% on average.

Huge Tax Credits

Federal and local tax credits for solar are at an all-time high. Grab these benefits when you file.

Thinking about going solar?

We can tell you how much you could save.

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Saving the planet just got a whole lot easier

Combat Climate Change

Each kilowatt-hour (kWh) of solar that is generated reduces greenhouse gas emissions like CO2, the overabundance of which is causing Earth’s temperature to rise.

Protect Our Water

Nuclear and hydropower energy plants require large amounts of water to operate. Switching to solar eases the burden on our stressed water systems and doesn’t damage the local area.

Leading 25 Year Warranty

Our industry leading 25-Year product warranty makes going solar easy and stress free.

Our customers love us!

Brian P.

“I’ve recently added solar power to my house and it’s been the best decision I’ve made in the past 5 years. The staff at Mpower Solar is very friendly and dedicated. Sincerely, a very happy customer!”

Luis M.

Mpower was very helpful throughout the whole process of getting solar. I am very happy with the service provided. Very happy to get solar! Thank you!

Henry M.

I'm extremely pleased that I encountered Mpower Solar when I did. Every facet of the process from start to finish was facilitated by a personalized consultant who kept me informed of times and dates of each step of the process from site visits, permits, to installation and inspections. A professional job all around.